Our kittens are from show lines, health guaranteed, raised underfoot with kids and dog, come spay/neutered, microchipped, with two rounds of vet administered shots, carrier, food, and lifelong support.

Shipping is available. I have an excellent courier who will personally travel with and hand your kitten to you at your nearest airport. This service is available for $400 per kitten (which is comparable to shipping through cargo…flight $, carrier & flight certificate). I will not send a kitten any other way & you can rest assured that your kitten will arrive without undue stress and will be accompanied by a wonderful animal-loving person for their entire trip. Other options for hand delivery to your location by vehicle are also available.

Due to Pandemic, the price for Airline transportation is available. I have Placed our Ragdoll Kittens in almost every US State including Alaska, Canada, Europe, South America, and even with soldiers stationed in Iraq. Pandemic surcharge fees are charged.

   USA Shipping: Around $250- 300. I can arrange to ship your kitten to you with a one-week lead time. Although I can ship from my local airport (weather dependent) at a cheaper cost overall cost, I prefer to ship my Ragdoll kittens on nonstop flights   to other major State or Cities or Internationally

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I typically need at least 1 week’s lead time before shipping. Although I will do as much research for importing to your location and getting the proper paperwork complete, you should have a general idea of what is involved prior to inquiring. We will not ship to locations with a Quarantine.

 Ragdolls are very laid back and handle shipping with a “Ragdoll cool” attitude. However, they must be at least 12 weeks old before I will ship.

  Shipping fees include Airline Ticket, travel expenses, Pet Carrier, and USA Interstate Health Certificate. If your destination requires me to travel to another airport, your cost will be slightly higher


Why People Love our Pet shipping services

Registration: Our kittens are registered with TICA / CFA. Registration papers will have Imperial ragdoll kittens as the prefix for registration. We aim to breed large healthy Ragdolls that meet the National Standards.

Spay/Neuter: If you are buying a Pet or Show Quality kitten from us, my veterinarian will do this before you receiving your kitten.

When you adopt a kitten from us, you will receive all their health records. (please see vaccination and health certification listed on our terms of sale page). Once you have received your kitten, all future vaccinations are the responsibility of the new owner.

DO NOT INOCULATE FOR FIP, as this will void any health warranty or guarantee.

Food and Litter Box: Our kittens are weaned to dry food and are litter box trained when they leave our cattery.

Your kitten will go home with the food it has been raised on and a toy it has played with.

When you get a kitten from us, all you have to do is take it home and love it. You will have a large, fluffy, blue-eyed baby who will adore you and whom, we are sure, you will also adore.

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