Health Guarantee

FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE: We’re so confident in our world-class Kittens breeding program that we can offer you a 5 (FIVE) year genetic health and temperament guarantee! Our five-year guarantee is for your peace of mind, our commitment to you and your new kitten/cat.

If you need further assistance please let us know, as we are here to ensure that we exceed your expectations, hope you will enjoy your tour and we hope that you will consider one of our world-famous and world-class Ragdoll Kittens.

“We believe in our cat breeding program, you should too”!

Guarantee of Good Health

We hope that you will enjoy your kitten for years to come. We have taken steps to ensure that your new kitten is healthy. Your kitten has been selectively bred for excellent quality, health, soundness intelligence, and good temperament.

If there is a congenital defect (not including hips which are genetic) within one year from birth, and it can be surgically corrected for less than the cost of a replacement, we will pay the cost of surgery (not the tests or doctors’ visits leading up to the surgery) up to the price you paid for your kitten. If it cannot be surgically corrected:

The dog must be humanely put to sleep, and a letter stating such must be received by us from your Vet. (Understand the pup would not live anyway in a serious illness) You must send us the dog’s papers. The cat must never have been used for breeding, and still be with its original owner.

After these qualifications have been met, you may choose a replacement pup (of equal quality) buyer pays shipping, from any of our litters subject to availability, paying the difference in price if you desire a more expensive cat. No cash refunds are given. Our guarantee does not include poisoning, accidents or behavioral problems, as training philosophies and environments vary among individuals.

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