Imperial ragdoll kittens is dedicated to – “breeding healthy, gorgeous, well socialized, amazing cats in a clean, safe environment.”
All of their cats are TICA registered and tested to be free of RD HCM, FeLV, PKD, and MPS.
Before they go home with you, the Ragdoll kittens are dewormed. They will receive their vaccines, and you will have a two-year health guarantee.
Are you looking for a feline friend to add to your family? Cats make a great pet for so many reasons, including, but not limited to, their low maintenance lifestyle, calm demeanor, and affection for their owners.
We raise big, beautiful Ragdoll kittens for sale in our home, and we love everything about them. From their sweet dispositions, deep throaty purrs, non-matting soft and silky fur, and gorgeous colors of seal and blue. All our cats are homebred from healthy genetic lines resulting in gorgeous, large, and breathtaking cats.”



Many clients are now our friends. We want you to be happy and successful with your new baby. We want to place the right kitten for sale with the right family. We rectify problems and exchange kittens. We extensively health test, and only use intranasal vaccines. (No shots!) We answer the phone after you buy a kitten from us. Our Ragdoll kittens live in our home and are never caged.

We Have Accumulated Years Of Breeding Kittens

Finally, if the need arises, we can arrange expert or do it ourselves, cost-effective and safe solutions for the kittens transit to their new homes, which relieves this particular burden from the two parties. Our goal for the future is to popularize a transparent, open way that ultimately helps our Kittens in finding new homes for the benefit of all involved. You can too help in this effort whether you’re a breeder or future owner of a particular breed.

Our Kittens have precious baby doll faces, short, compact bodies, flawless coats, lovable dispositions, and are very good in health as well. It is our first duty to raise healthy Ragdolls that will find a happy and loving place in the lives of our customers across the United States & Canada. We know we’ve done our job 100{6fe537f1d54547cac68b5b650d950975c5a3a1745a1ed88b2c5f544636a630be}, because our former customers have called every time to tell us how happy they are with their Ragdoll kittens

All of our Kittens are raised locally in the middle of our house.

Ragdolls are famously inquisitive, so to keep their curiosity in check while they become accustomed to your home, it’s a good idea to corral them in a playpen at night once you get your kitty home.

By purchasing a Ragdoll from us, you will receive along with your cat all of the necessary registration papers and vaccination records. As an extra precaution, it’s a good idea to bring your kitten to your veterinarian for a checkup. If, for some reason, the vet finds a problem with your cat, I’d be happy to provide you with another or refund your money if you prefer. Note that if you are sending your cat on a long plane ride, he or she may become scared or ill as a result of motion sickness – this is to be expected, and will not last long.

Adopt a Ragdoll Kitty